Eovolt Research & Development

Eovolt has its own factory and dedicated R&D team.
Recent years has seen an influx of cheap OEM folding electric bikes with inferior quality/specification from the Far East which look similar to our bikes.
Tell tale signs for these bikes are when you see another brand with an identical bike just in a different colour and brand name, rough welds on the frame that has come straight from the chinese factory etc.
These bikes also tend to use inferior motors, non hydraulic disc brakes and inferior wheel builds.
This is why its very important to understand that Eovolt develop their bikes in their own factory in Lyon France.
Through this process Eovolt Folding Electric Bikes have far superior reliability, premium quality and specification which through their own research & development team improves year on year.
Eovolt hand polish the welds and paint their own frames, build their own wheels from rims made in Europe, have designed their own folding cockpit for 2023 with no welds and one step locking mechanism.
We go that extra mile by partnering with high end brands like Selle Royal for saddles and Knog for bells to maintain the high end feel and performance.
You also have the peace of mind with warranty and parts support from an established European brand.
All of this is why Eovolt is ranged in some of the most premium retail spaces in the UK including Harrods, Selfridges, The Electric Bike Shop, Wheelbase, JE James, Go Outdoors (Wheelbase Concession) and for 2023 Halfords.
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