EOVOLT Warranty


 Your Eovolt UK warranty is only valid if your bike is bought brand new, has been bought from one of our offiical UK retailers on our locator form or from Eovolt UK direct. 

To ensure free warranty labour you must return your bike to the Eovolt retailer you bought your bike from.
However It is at the discretion of the retailer you bought the bike from as to whether they charge for the labour on warranty work or not.
(please check with your local retailer for confirmation on this)

Eovolt UK will provide any parts required to the retailer free of charge as part of your warranty.

UK customers buying an Eovolt bike from an international seller will not be covered by our warranty. 

WARRANTY DETAILS (How it works and what's covered)

Your EOVOLT electric bike comes with a life time warranty on the frame.

Please ensure your pedals are fitted by a professional mechanic with a torque pedal wrench to a reading of between 35-45nm.

The frame hinge and all electronic components such as motor ,battery ,electronic cabling, LCD display and electronic brake cut off's also have a 2 year warranty. 


Your warranty is not valid if you use electronic parts that are not supplied directly by Eovolt or are of a different specification.
Your warranty is not valid if your bike has been retro fitted or reprogrammed in any way to not adhere to legal ebike UK regulation.

Your warranty is not valid if you change the gearing spec of the bike as the gearing and motor are specified to be synced together.

If you (the customer) tamper with any of the electronics in anyway this will invalidate your warranty. settings in the LCD handlebar display, wiring, control units should only be attended to by trained mechanics at our Eovolt retailers.

Contractual warranty excludes damage or defects caused by: abnormal use, lack of maintenance, if you exceed the max rider weight for the bike, accidental damage, prolonged exposure to moisture or liquid or non-compliance with recommendations.

  • Damage caused by incorrect maintenance
  • External factors such as shocks, lightning storms, current surges, short circuit, etc
  • Damage caused by a crash or accident.
  • Damage caused by excess exposure to the elements (eg rust caused by not storing bike indoors)
  • Modification of electrical components or any modifications (eg additions not included when bought)
  • Paint, varnish and bike graphics
  • Wearing parts such as bearings, chains, chainrings, sprocket gears, tyres, brake pads, brake cables, handle bar grips, bottom bracket bearings, freewheels etc.
  • Grips
  • Magnets and magnet plates
  • Spokes

With us not being a bike shop if you buy a bike direct from us you will have to pay labour costs for any warranty work to be performed, this is why we highly recommend buying from our retailers where warranty labour is usually included 
If you take your bike to one of our retailers that you didnt buy the bike from then you will have to pay labour charges for parts to be fitted.


Official spare parts bought after your warranty period has expired from Eovolt.co.uk or through an authorised Eovolt UK retailer on our dealer locator come with a 12 month warranty from date of purchase.