Q Do I have to pedal an Eovolt Bike ?

Yes the motor is activated by a pedalling sensor which then provides up to 250w of assisted power on 5 power levels.
Levels 1-3 are for flat rolling terrain while 4-5 help you up the hills with ease.

Q Can I improve my fitness on an Eovolt E-Bike ?

Yes absolutely, this is a common misconception with E-Bikes. Although the electric assistance helps take the heavy strain away you still need to pedal the bike which provides an aerobic exercise. The Eovolt electric bike encourages you to go further on journeys you would noramlly take by car.

Q When should I charge my E-Bike battery ?

There are no hard and fast rules on charging times, just pretty much when you need to. You do not have to wait for the battery to be drained before charging. One important hint though is that if you plan to store your e bike away for a while without riding please make sure you top the battery up once every 6-8 weeks to keep it ticking over.

Q Can I remove the battery to charge it ?

Yes the Eovolt removeable seat post battery system allows you to completely remove the seatpost and take it to a charing point. Simply unscrew the connector under the bottom bracket , loosen the seat post QR Clamp and pull the seatpost out.

Q Does a seat post battery work as well as a standard battery on normal E-bikes?

A seat post battery has a number of advantages over normal battery systems. Number one is that the bike has a very stylish clean look and actually at 1st glance doesn't look like an e bike at all. Number 2 is that the balance of the bike is better with the weight of the battery being located centrally directly below the rider and number 3 it can be easily removed to just take the seat post to the wall socket for recharging.

Q How many charge cycles can you get from the seat post battery ?

This can vary on whether you are doing full battery charges or part battery charge. You can expect a minimum of 1000 battery recycles on your seatpost battery.

Q Can I take my Eovolt abroad on airplanes

You will need to check with your airline but as a rule you are not allowed to take large lithium batteries on international flights.

Q What happens if my battery runs out while im cycling ?

The Eovolt bikes feature a brushless motor so they ride like a normal bike if the battery power has run out.

Q Can I buy a spare seat post battery ?

Yes the seat post battery's are sold as an accessory.

Q How far can I ride on a single charge ?

This is subject to a number of factors to take into consideration when calculating range like for example the weight of the rider, tyre pressure and type of terrain you are riding on.
However typically you will get
30-50km (18-31miles) with the 16" City Bike and 70-100km (43-62miles) with the 20" Confort Bike

Q How fast can I go on an Eovolt E-Bike ?

You can go as fast as you can pedal however the electric assistance cuts out at 15.5mph as per the European regulation.

Q Do you need special tyres for an E Bike ?

No, good quality normal tyres are fine to use.
The Eovolt City uses a 16 x 2,125 size tyre and the Confort uses a 20 x 2.35 size trye.

Q Are the Eovolt bikes good for commuting ?

Absolutely perfect !
The electric assistance allows you to arrive at work feeling fresh and then you can fold the bike down to easily stow away by your desk.
The lightweight compact foldable nature of the bike also makes it very easy to combine with other modes of transport like trains and buses.

Q Are the Eovolt bikes good for motorhomes and caravans

Again absolutely perfect.
The lightweight makes them easier to put on your cycle rack or move in and out of your unit. With the City 16" bike in particular the small compact nature makes it very easy to store without taking up much of your valuable space.
The removeable battery seat post means that you can easily charge the battery without the need to take the bike near to a socket.

Q Can travelling by E-Bike save me money ?

Yes using your Eovolt E-Bike as a mode of transport can save you a significant amount of money over a year. Your Eovolt E-Bike costs 0.4p per mile where on average your car costs 34p per mile.
So if you commute a total of 10miles per day you would save £16.80 per week. There are also huge health benefits from the overall improvement in fitness and you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Q Can I ride my Eovolt E-Bike in the rain ?

We all know what the UK weather can be like but don't worry everything on your Eovolt bike is sealed to cope with even the heaviest of downpours.

Q Do I need a licence to ride an E-Bike ?

In the UK along with most European countries you are not required to hold a licence and you do not have to worry about any tax or insurance. The laws are different in Northern Ireland where you will require a moped licence if you plan to ride your E-Bike there.

Q How old do you have to be to ride an E-Bike ?

You have to be at least 14 years old to ride an E-Bike on a public highway.