1. What are the main differences between the Eovolt models ?

Wheel size and purpose.

Morning 16"
A lightweight bike with a minimal space requirement to easily combine different means of transport.
With its small wheels and lightweight, the Morning bike is designed to suit a very urban lifestyle. Easy to handle, it can be folded quickly and moved around easily, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go

Afternoon 20" 
Practical and versatile, suitable for commuting as well as leisure cycling.
Its thick 20-inch wheels, comfort and range of up to 80 km give the Afternoon an ideal choice for commuter and leisure cycling. Its compact size when folded, allows for easy storage in a flat, significantly reducing the risk of theft.

Evening 24"
The Evening model is comparable to a traditional electric bike, with Dutch styling and easy handling. Its low step-through frame allows for easy mounting, and thanks to thick 24-inch wheels, it promises comfort, stability and maximum safety for all sizes. An additional advantage is its ability to quickly become compact with a folding stem and pedals for easy storage.


2. Fitting Pedals

It is very important that your pedals are fitted with a torque pedal wrench to a reading of 35-45nm.
We strongly advise that you get your local bike shop to do this for you.

3. How much is shipping?

Shipping costs can be selected during checkout, we do have a FREE service for UK customers.

4. When will I receive my order?

We always recommend buying your bike from one of our retailers.(see next question)

If you buy from us all products will be dispatched from stock as soon as possible after receipt of order. In the event that there is an actual or expected delay in dispatch we will notify you of such. Orders are usually be shipped within 24 hours. Bike orders are usually shipped within 48 hours.

All UK orders are shipped using Royal Mail tracked service or DPD.

Orders received after 15:30 or over the weekend will be processed on the next working day, including Special Delivery.

5. Should I buy direct from you or from a retailer ?

We strongly recommend buying from our retailer network so you get a premium level buying experience and most importantly a premium after sales service.
We also strongly advise buying from as local a retailer as possible so should you have any warranty issue it can be dealt with far more efficiently with the retailer supported by us (Eovolt UK).
We also highly recommend you buy from a local retailer so a full PDI check can be done before you collect your bike in person. 
A retailer will carry out the warranty work with no charge whereas if you buy direct from us the retailer you use for the warranty may charge labour for the work to be carried out as you didn't buy the bike from them.
Also retailers tend to include a free service as part of your buying package which is something we cant offer.

6 Can I change the shipping address on my order?

Yes, but only if your order hasn't shipped. 

7 Are Eovolt Bikes made in China (Far East) ?

Eovolt has its own factory in Lyon, France including a production line and research & development facility. This ensures a high level of in-house quality control of all parts and assembly.

8 Battery Indicator

The battery indicator on your LCD screen gives you your battery life based on the assistance setting you are on. For example if you start riding with full battery and then engage max assistance level 5 you will see your battery indicator go down. It is now showing you your battery life based on staying on the max level, if you go back down to level one your battery indicator goes back up again.
Due to this after charging the bike you need to activate the system (ride it) for the system to recognise the new charge in the battery and display it correctly on the handlebar LCD screen.

9 Is there an instruction manual with my bike.

Yes but if it is missing or you have an out of date manual you can download our instruction manuals on our website.
Homepage - Support - Instruction Manuals

10 How long does it take to charge my seat post battery ?

16" batteries - 4-5 hrs from flat
20"/24" batteries - 5-6hrs from flat
Please note after charging you need to engage the motor for your battery indicator to update on your LCD screen

11 What Maintenance Do I Need To Do On My Eovolt Bike ?

The most important regular maintenance that needs to be done is on your drivetrain.

If you don't regularly clean your chain and re lubricate it your chain and gears will gather dirt and grit that will wear out your chain, chainring and rear sprocket very quickly, these wear and tear parts are not covered by your warranty. We recommend doing this every 2 weeks or twice a month. 

12 What warranty do I get with my Eovolt bike ?

With a recognised European brand with European manufacture you have the full peace of mind of a warranty and back up of spare parts if ever needed.
The full warranty information link.

13 Can I ride my Eovolt bike in the rain and snow ?

Yes, the bike is waterproofed for riding in inclement weather.
However, the bike should not be ridden through very deep water puddles where the components at the bottom of the bike (Clip on battery connector) are completely submerged in water.

14 Do I have to pedal an Eovolt bike?

Yes, the motor is activated by a pedalling cadence sensor which then provides up to 250w of assisted power on 5 power levels.
Levels 1-3 are for flat rolling terrain while 4-5 help you up hills with ease.

15 Do Eovolt bikes have lights ?

Yes, Eovolt bikes come with front and rear lights.
The front light runs off the bike’s battery and is activated by pressing and holding the “up” button on the controller.
The rear runs off its own coin battery which needs replacing when it runs out.

16 Does an Eovolt bike have a throttle ?

No, Eovolt bikes do not have a throttle, but they do have a walk assist that will help get you moving up to walking speed without the need to pedal. This is particularly helpful if you feel unsteady riding away from traffic lights.
For walk assist press and hold the “down” button on the controller.

17 What assembly do I need to do with my Eovolt bike ?

We highly recommend you demo ride and buy your Eovolt bike from one of our retailers who will prepare your bike for you.
For 2022 bikes the following assembly is required:

  • Remove all packaging foam
  • Slot handle bar steerer into steerer tube
  • Screw folding pedals into the cranks (pedal spanner recommended)

18 Can My Eovolt Bike Pull A Trailer

Our fully folding bikes (16" & 20") are not designed to pull an extra load like a trailer.
Our 24" bikes do not have a central folding mechanism and can do this but it is at the riders own risk.
We do not recommend putting the extra load of a trailer on any of our bikes.

19 How do I alter the suspension on the Eovolt Afternoon 20" model?

The Afternoon 20" model is equipped with a suspension front fork that can be adjusted using the red adjuster on the right-hand side. Turn anti clockwise to increase the suspension required.

20 What if I need new tyres for my Eovolt bike ?

Eovolt recommends using Schwalbe Pick Up Tyres.

16" Schwalbe Pick Up 16 x 2.15
20" Schwalbe Pick Up 20 x 2.35
24" Schwalbe Pick Up 24 x 2.35
Most cycle shops have a Schwalbe Account for ordering tyres
Any make of tyres in the sizes or very similar will be compatible and we recommend making sure you choose a tyre with strong puncture protection.

21 What PSI should I put in my Eovolt bike tyres?

We recommend putting a minimum of 40psi in your tyres. Please refer to the manufacturers recommended pressure printed on the sidewall of the tyre.

22 What valve is on my Eovolt bike tyres?

All Eovolt bikes have an inner tube with a Schrader valve.
Most standard pumps have a Schrader valve adaptor for pumping up tyres.

23 Can I buy an Eovolt bike with a cycle to work scheme?

A very high majority of our retailers offer a number of the cycle to work schemes. Contact your nearest retailer for more information.

24 Are there height ranges for the different size Eovolt bikes?

This is a general guide depending upon your height

Morning 16" bike  140 - 180cm
Afternoon 20" bike  150 - 190cm
Evening 24" bike  150 - 200cm

25 Is there a maximum rider weight limit for Eovolt bikes?

There are specific recommendations depending upon your weight

Morning 16" bike - 105kg
Afternoon 20" bike - 130kg
Evening 24" bike - 130kg

26 What if I lose the Eovolt keys for the anti-theft seat post battery clamp?

Every clamp has a unique key so it is very important you keep your keys in a safe place. If you lose them you will need to purchase a complete clamp assembly with a new set of keys.

27 What is the little spanner for with my Eovolt keys?

The little thin spanner fits in the gap at the back of your clamp. It is for use in an emergency for removing your battery anti-theft seat post clamp if you have lost your keys and it is in the locked position.
This 6.5mm spanner can also be used for tightening your clamp, just open your clamp, make adjustment with the spanner and then close the clamp till you feel real resistance.

28 Can I push my Eovolt bike when folded?

Yes, we call this the Fold & Go system.
Two strong magnets hold the front and back wheel together and you extend the battery and use the saddle as a handle to push the bike along.
Please note you CAN NOT pull the bike along, it must be pushed!

29 Is there a bag to protect my Eovolt bike?

Yes, you can purchase an Eovolt Transportation Bag through our website or from our retailers. You can place your Morning 16" or Afternoon 20" bike into the bag in its folded state.
Please note that we only recommend the bags for the 2023 Afternoon 20" which has the shorter length battery.

The Eovolt Transportation Bag is not compatible with the Evening 24" bike which does not fold in the centre of the frame.

30 Can I improve my fitness on an Eovolt bike ?

Yes absolutely, this is a common misconception with e-bikes. Although the electric assistance helps take the heavy strain away you still need to pedal the bike which provides an aerobic exercise. The Eovolt electric bike encourages you to go further on journeys that you would normally take by car.

31 When should I charge my Eovolt battery ?

There are no hard and fast rules on charging times, just pretty much when you need to. You do not have to wait for the battery to be drained before charging. IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION - if you plan to store your Eovolt bike for a while without riding please make sure you top the battery up every 6-8 weeks.

32 Can I remove the Eovolt battery seat post to charge it?

Yes, the Eovolt removeable seat post battery system allows you to completely remove the seat post and take it to a charging point. Simply unscrew the connector under the bottom bracket , loosen the seat post QR clamp and pull the seat post battery out.

33 Does the Eovolt seat post battery work as well as a standard battery?

The Eovolt seat post battery has a number of advantages over other battery systems. An Eovolt bike has a very stylish clean look and with the seat post being the battery at first glance doesn't look like an e-bike at all. With the weight of the Eovolt seat post battery being located centrally and directly below the rider the balance of the Eovolt bike is much improved. The Eovolt seat post battery can be easily removed for recharging at a convenient charging point.

34 How many charge cycles can you get from the Eovolt seat post battery ?

This can vary on whether you are doing full battery charges or part battery charge. You can expect a minimum of 1000 battery recycles from the Eovolt seat post battery.

35 Can I take my Eovolt bike on airplanes?

You will need to check with your airline but as a rule you are not allowed to take large lithium batteries on international flights.

36 What happens if my Eovolt battery runs out while I am out cycling?

Eovolt bikes feature a brushless electric motor so they ride like a normal bike if the battery power has run out.

37 Can I buy a spare Eovolt seat post battery ?

Yes, the Eovolt seat post batteryies are available from eovolt.co.uk.

38 How far can I ride on my Eovolt bike on a single charge?

This is subject to a number of factors including the weight of the rider, air temperature, extra baggage on the pannier rack, tyre pressure and the type of terrain.
However, typically you will get

Morning 16" bike 30-50km (18-31miles)

Afternoon 20” bike 70-100km (43-62miles)

Evening 24" bike 70-100km (43-62miles)

39 How fast can I go on an Eovolt bike ?

You can go as fast as you can pedal, however, the electric assistance cuts out at 15.5mph in accordance with European regulation.

40 Are the Eovolt bikes good for commuting?

Absolutely perfect !
The electric assistance allows you to arrive at work feeling fresh and then you can fold the bike down to easily stow away by your desk.
The lightweight compact foldable nature of the bike also makes it very easy to combine with other modes of transport like trains and buses.

41 Are the Eovolt bikes good for motorhomes and caravans?

Absolutely perfect!
Being lightweight makes Eovolt bikes easier to put on your cycle rack or move in and out of your caravan. With the Morning 16" bike in particular the small compact nature makes it very easy to store without taking up valuable space.
The removeable Eovolt battery seat post means that you can easily charge the battery without the need to take the bike near to a socket.

42 Can travelling using an Eovolt bike save me money?

Yes, using your Eovolt bike as a mode of transport can save you a significant amount of money over a year. An Eovolt bike costs around 0.4p per mile where, on average, your car costs 34p per mile.
So if you commute a total of 10 miles per day you would save near £16.80 per week. There are also huge health benefits from an overall improvement in fitness and you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

43 Can I ride my Eovolt bike in the rain?

We all know what the UK weather can be like but don't worry everything on your Eovolt bike is sealed to cope with even the heaviest of downpours.

44 Do I need a licence to ride an Eovolt bike?

In the UK along with most European countries you are not required to hold a licence to ride an Eovolt bike and you do not have to worry about any road tax or insurance. The laws are different in Northern Ireland where you will require a moped licence if you plan to ride your Eovolt bike there.

45 How old do you have to be to ride an Eovolt bike?

You have to be at least 14 years old to ride an Eovolt bike on a public highway. 

46 Which disc brake pads are compatible with Eovolt bikes ?

Avid Elixir or Sram
XX-x0 DB Organic

 47 Which disc brake oil should you use with Eovolt bikes ?

You should use a good brand of Mineral Oil.