Eovolt Premium Frames

From 2022 Eovolt took control of their frames to ensure the highest specification, quality control and premium finish on their new Morning, Afternoon and Evening bikes and are not to be confused with cheap Chinese generic inferior imitations.

Hand Polished Welds
Eovolt frames feature smooth hand polished welds with minimalist rendering which give high tensile stiffness to enhance the frames strength and performance while also giving a premium super smooth finish.

Internal Cable Routing
Eovolt frames utilise internally routed cables that give our bikes a cleaner more stylish look.

Matt Coating
Continuing the premium look and feel Eovolt frames now feature a new matt coat finish in various unique stylish colours.

New Pastel Colours
After extensive research in various industries Eovolt have launched their own unique bespoke on trend colours for their new range of bikes.