Why Eovolt ?

Eovolt is a brand of folding electric bikes designed to meet the needs of today’s users: compact, easy to transport with refined aesthetics, innovation and the very highest quality standards.
Eovolt are innovators in the folding electric bike arena.
The new pro bikes are a result of 18 months of in house design by the brands own team of engineers. The new pro range of bikes are a proprietary design with no less than 39 design improvements and 6 design patents.
Among those patents are a new auto-lock hinge that has a reassuring snap to let you know it’s safe to roll; a new battery system that builds in a sliding charge cable which will tuck into a weather sealed port on the frame; as well as a super easy to engage with magnet locking system that locks the front and rear of the bike together when folded. This particular patent makes the next generation Eovolt particularly easy to handle on the train station platforms where it is intended to be used as part of a multi-modal commute.

Now lets talk about warranty cover.

Eovolt gives you a 2 year warranty on all electronics and batteries.
However its on the frame where Eovolt's warranty really stands out, register your bike with Eovolt in France and you get an extra 5 years warranty on your frame.